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Code Duplication Analysis Tool for Magento® 2

Almost everybody aware of code duplication who wants to implement extension on Magento® marketplace especially on Magento® 2. This is an important part defined by Magento® officials to prevent code duplication in any extension or template which are being requested to be uploaded on Magento® marketplace or to be used any eCommerce shopping site

We found it important part of Magento® extension approval process because our extension also rejected couple of time after lot of precaution. After multiple failure for same extension on marketplace with code duplication error (Code quality issues: CPD: This extension contains duplicated code), we made a decision to develop a tool that analyze Magento® code snippets and module and find the duplicated code. We got it successful and very much excited to make it available for the Magento®community for use.

A question always blinks in, so what is the best use of this tool? As per the defined sections 3.1 and 9.1b of Magento® agreement, we have to submit unique and errorless code on Magento® marketplace where they analyzing the code to check duplication and if your extension or template fails to fulfills Magento® guidelines, your extension will be rejected for further review or approval until you remove errors and duplications.

This tool check for duplicated code as per the Magento® defined guidelines and if there is any duplication found it will show up in reports generated. It indexes the code snippets as well the entire code base od Magento® extension and compares it with Magento® standard core code to generate report for duplication issues.

This is how this tool prevents the violation of Magento marketplace extension implementation Agreements Section 3.1 and 9.1b and saves the quality time spending on repeated upload and huge wait time of approval process.

Team behind code duplication analysis program creation.

  • YOGESH TRIVEDIeCommerce Consultant

  • Jaimin SutariyaMagento Certified Developer Plus

  • Nalin SavaliyaMagento Certified Developer

  • Ankur BhadaniaMagento Developer

  • OR
  • NOTE:

    • Minimum number lines 13

    • Insert Starting php tag. ex- <?php

    • Only used PHP file. Not used for .phtml or .html

    • For accurate result please insert complete file code.

    • In some cases individual function may be not find.

    • For accurate result, We suggest to Upload extension zip.

  • Remember Please:

    By using our tool, your code is safe because we have made provision to NOT keep your code or zip on our server.

Thank you for using our tool.

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